AI-powered veterinary diagnostic service launches in Australia

The AI-based veterinary X-ray image diagnosis assistance service X Caliber, by SK Telecom, has launched in Australia.

X Caliber is an innovative service that uses AI to analyse X-ray images of dogs or cats within around 15 seconds. It uses the cloud to store and retrieve data, meaning veterinarians can examine the results of the diagnosis on their mobile devices anywhere or anytime.

The sensitivity of X Caliber stands at 86-94 per cent: 94 per cent for detection of 16 different abnormal patterns from abdominal X-ray images of dogs; 88 per cent for detection of 10 different abnormal patterns from chest X-ray images of dogs; and 86 per cent for detection of 7 different abnormalities from musculoskeletal X-ray images of dogs.

In November 2023, SKT entered a strategic partnership with ATX Medical Solutions, a leading provider of medical devices in Australia, and the pair have been working closely to prepare for the commercial launch of the service, which can now be used by over 100 veterinary clinics Australia-wide.

SKT and ATX attended the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Conference 2024, in Melbourne from May 27-31, to introduce X Caliber to veterinarians.

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