Mentorship program offers personalized on-the-job training to new DVM graduates

Fostering a supportive network for aspiring veterinarians through diverse training options and immersive learning is the driving force behind a new mentorship initiative.

Launched by Veterinary Innovative Partners (VIP), a network of veterinarian-owned-and-operated hospitals across nine states, the Viva mentorship program is designed to aid in early career advancement of new DVM graduates. The initiative provides tools and resources tailored to the personal and professional strengths, interests, and aspirations of participants joining the VIP team.

“At VIP, we believe mentorship serves as a cornerstone for knowledge transfer, career growth, leadership development and organizational culture,” says Brett Shorenstein, VMD, co-founder of VIP. “Our personalized approach rejects the one-size-fits-all mentorship mentality, reflecting our commitment to empowering our teams and building a culture of continuous learning. Together, we will inspire and elevate each other to new heights of success – becoming better veterinarians for patients and their families.”

Over 12 months, mentees will receive medical mentorship and immersive training, beginning with concentrated upskilling in client interactions, with mentors guiding them through client appointments and procedures. In the final phase of the program, participants will actively engage in client interactions and tailored external training based on skillset and interest.

The Viva mentorship program is initially available in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the West Indies, targeting graduates from Cornell University, Long Island University, Ross University, University of Pennsylvania, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and St. George’s University.

For more information, visit the VIP website.