Mobile veterinary unit caters to underserved areas in Texas

The Community and Regional Engagement Service (CARES) mobile veterinary unit is equipped with a surgery suite, anesthesia equipment and diagnostic tools, as well as its own generator. Photo courtesy TTU School of Veterinary Medicine

The Community and Regional Engagement Service (CARES) mobile veterinary unit has officially launched at the Texas Tech University (TTU)’s School of Veterinary Medicine. The vehicle, custom-built and funded by donations from the Louise Bowers Slentz Foundation Fund and the Amber Fund, which both come from the Amarillo Area Foundation, enables the school to expand its initiatives in serving the region that has “generously supported it.”

“We are so appreciative of the funding we have received to date to support this initiative,” says John Dascanio, senior associate dean for academic and student affairs at the TTU’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

CARES is reported to cater to underserved communities across Amarillo, the Texas Panhandle, and beyond. It will help provide veterinary care to Meals on Wheels clients and the homeless population, including assisting in spay/neuter programs at regional shelters, as well as aiding regional disaster response.

“We are proud to be able to provide additional outreach services to the region in support of animal welfare and disaster response capabilities,” adds Dascanio. “This is the first step to educate students in serving our community, especially in providing veterinary care to those who may not normally be able to afford or access it, or who may be affected by natural disasters.”

The CARES unit is equipped with anesthesia equipment, a surgery suite, a generator, and diagnostic medicine tools.

For more information, visit the TTU website.