New Nordic pet safety campaign uses robotic dog trapped in a car

Nordic pet care specialist Musti Group has launched a unique campaign using a robotic dog trapped in a car to simulate the symptoms of a heat stroke.

The new campaign is designed to educate both dog owners and passers-by, who might come across dogs left in a car during summer. The robot dog shows how fast a car turns into a death trap for pets, by simulating the symptoms of a heat stroke, and its movements are triggered by the temperature inside the car it’s placed in.

Eveliina Rantahalvari, Head of Nordic Marketing at Musti Group, said when it comes to recognising dangerous situations, real life experience is the best form of education.

“By creating a tangible, cautionary example that people witness with their own eyes, we hope to increase awareness of how and when to act in these situations both as a dog owner and a passer-by.

“If you notice a dog left in a hot car, the first thing you should do is try to get in contact with the owner. For example, in a store or shopping centre, you can ask the staff to make an announcement to try and alert the owner.”

The symptoms of a dog’s heat stroke include, among other things, severe lethargy, dark redness of the tongue and oral mucosa, convulsions and tremors.

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