Poseidon Animal Health expands into the US

Poseidon Animal Health has launched its equine products into the US market, with stateside manufacturing, distribution, sales, customer service and veterinary expert support. 

Enjoying 85 per cent growth across its domestic and export markets in the last year, Poseidon specialises in manufacturing animal digestive health supplements, has grown to include equine and canine product ranges, and has become the biggest player in the equine gut health supplement market across Australia and New Zealand.

Peter Lord, Global CEO and co-founder of Poseidon, said the US has always been a part of their expansion plans.

“The US equine industry contributes $122 billion to the US economy, and the market is 10 times the size of Australia and New Zealand combined, totalling over seven million horses.

“We see the opportunity to mirror our success in the USA where we know consumer demand is high, due to the volume of inquiries and product requests from US customers we already receive.”

As regulations are similar to those in Australia and Poseidon’s senior executive team is very familiar with the US market, it is a natural progression.

“I have previously worked within the US equine nutraceutical sector, and our head US veterinarian; Dr Erin Roddy is a native American.

“Add with that the nature of e-commerce in today’s society, people all around the world know about the quality behind our products and have been frustrated with not having access.”

Poseidon’s US model will replicate what it already does across Australia and New Zealand by focusing on consumers via its online platform and engaging directly with both retailers and veterinarians.

“Our team are incredibly innovative, knowledgeable and passionate about making the lives of our animals better and we feel the time is now right to share this with the USA.

“There are so many more horses that we can now help in the USA.”

Poseidon Animal Health has launched its gut health daily powder, Digestive HP, and its ever-popular Stress Paste in the US and will continue to roll out more of the range over the next six months.

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