Upskilling an industry with Mars Petcare College and Hanrob

Mars Petcare College and Hanrob College are empowering Australians in the pet and veterinary industries with valuable knowledge and skills.

Mars Petcare College, a free e-learning platform, offers a comprehensive program developed by qualified veterinarian and dog trainer, Dr Fiona Patterson. While focusing heavily on pet nutrition, the program also covers general pet care, training, and enrichment topics.

Dr Patterson strongly believes that a great way to help pets is to help educate their caregivers, as this will lead to better animal welfare outcomes overall.

“At Mars Petcare, we understand the vitally important role that pets play in society, and this means that everything we do is aimed at creating a better world for them.”

The flagship 25-hour four-module program at Mars Petcare College, along with a range of shorter special interest courses, provides learners with a flexible and mobile-compatible learning experience. Completion of all courses awards a certificate, while completing the four-module program opens the door to a nationally recognised mini qualification.

Dr Patterson said that as everyone has different needs, they wanted to be able to offer different approaches.

“All courses on Mars Petcare College are provided free of charge, and that may be enough for some learners. However, if you complete the four-module program and would like to pursue a nationally recognized qualification, there is also the option to do that.”

Mars Petcare College has also partnered with Hanrob College to offer graduates the opportunity to gain the Statement of Attainment in Pet Nutrition and Enrichment.

“Hanrob College are the leaders in delivering accredited animal education, so we are delighted to work with them to offer opportunities for our wonderful industry.”

Graduates of the Mars Petcare College program seeking formal qualification can apply to Hanrob College, where they will need to demonstrate practical knowledge, such as by submission of a portfolio of evidence.

Kylie Gilbert, Education Manager at Hanrob College, said Hanrob College’s partnership with Mars Petcare College provides a valuable opportunity for individuals in the pet care industry to enhance their skills and expertise.

“We are dedicated to supporting the professional development of our students and helping them achieve their career goals.”

Anthony Ramsey, CEO of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA), says Mars Petcare College courses provide the perfect introduction to formal training and qualifications in pet nutrition and enrichment, for all facets of the pet industry.

“Any effort to better train and upskill the workers of the pet industry is always welcome and I encourage everyone to take advantage of the amazing free training that Mars Petcare College provides. To also be able to have your training formally recognised through a Statement of Attainment is an added bonus.”

Belinda Peppard, Learning and Development Manager at Petbarn, said they have seen firsthand the positive impact that education can have on the wellbeing of pets.

“These programs not only enhance the skills and knowledge of our team members but also contribute to the overall welfare of pets in our communities. The new Mars Petcare College nutrition program aligned to the Statement of Attainment supports our team members to gain recognition for their expertise.”

To get started, individuals can complete the Mars Petcare College four-module program by registering for an account at or by completing the program directly at Hanrob College.

Upon completion, students can apply for the Statement of Attainment in Pet Nutrition and Enrichment with Hanrob College, taking the first step towards a rewarding and fulfilling career in the pet care industry.

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