Utah cat accidentally shipped to California survives six days in return box

Photo courtesy Carrie Clark Facebook

“Little and big miracles” was how a couple in Utah described the events that took place in the six days their pet cat, Galena, was accidentally trapped in an Amazon return package shipped to California.

In a Facebook post, Carrie Clark, Galena’s owner, reported the cat went missing on April 10. “She literally just vanished!” Clark says in the post, adding they put up flyers on social media and around their neighborhood in search for the cat. “We contacted friends and family and searched for a whole week,” Clark says in an interview with KSL TV.

Carrie Clark, Galena’s owner, flew in to California from Utah to be reunited with the cat that had been missing for a week. Photo courtesy Carrie Clark Facebook

On April 17, Clark was hopeful upon receiving a text message notifying her Galena’s microchip was scanned—650 miles away. A veterinarian in California called to inform Clark that they had taken in the cat. “[Galena] had jumped/hidden in one of our Amazon return packages without us knowing,” Clark shares in the Facebook post, which has garnered more than 200 likes as of writing.

Clark reported the side seam of the box where her pet, Galena, was trapped, had split, allowing the cat to breathe. Photo courtesy Carrie Clark Facebook

Clark and her partner, Matt, flew in to California to retrieve Galena at the veterinarian’s. The cat was reportedly rescued by an Amazon worker, Brandy Hunter, who took the cat to the clinic.

“Without the microchip, and the kindness of Brandy, we never would have found her again!,” Clark writes.

Despite being without food and water for six days, Galena was reported to be “completely unharmed,” with “completely normal” bloodwork.

Galena the cat was reportedly trapped in a courier box for six days, surviving without food and water. Photo courtesy Carrie Clark Facebook