Post-procedural pain medication gets label extension from the FDA

Veterinarians now have an Food and drug administration-cleared, pharmaceutical-grade, CGMP (or current superior manufacturing follow) prolonged-launch buprenorphine for use in 4 species: mice, rats, ferrets, and non-human primates (NHPs).

Fidelis Animal Health and fitness has obtained notification from the Food and drug administration that Ethiqa XR (buprenorphine extended-release injectable suspension) 1.3 mg/mL is now also indexed for controlling post-procedural ache in NHPs.

“We are thrilled to deliver this new NHP indicator to veterinarians. Now, these caregivers have a 3-working day pain reliever that satisfies their superior expectations for efficacy, protection, and good quality,” says Michael Wells, board chair and CEO of Fidelis Animal Wellness.

Ethiqa XR is a sort of buprenorphine using a patented lipid-centered formulation that provides up to 72 hrs of scientific analgesia with a single subcutaneous injection.

“Fidelipid LAI engineering has been revealed to present safe, 72-hour analgesia in non-human primates,1,2” claims Steven Leary, DVM, DACLAM, the company’s main health-related officer.

To discover additional about the item, protection details, and warning, take a look at the Ethiqa XR website.


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