Why do cats roll in dirt? 10 reasons for their dust bath

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Cats are well known for staying tidy very little creatures. They meticulously groom their fur, offering by themselves tongue baths everyday. Indoor or indoor/outside cats take satisfaction in using their litter containers. Supplied their noble commitment to top rated-notch hygiene, you may possibly suppose your feline mate would steer clear of filth at all expenses. Nonetheless, you may peer out the window a single day and be astonished to see your kitty rolling close to in the dirt — and seeking joyful as a pig when doing so.

Cats adore throwing us for loops nearly as significantly as they enjoy grooming them selves, don&#8217t they? That query was rhetorical. This a single is not: Why do cats roll in filth? There are many motives why your cat may possibly be getting a dust tub, ranging from &#8220just for exciting&#8221 to an attempt to increase digestive overall health (seriously). Here&#8217s the filthy reality about why your cat rolled in grime.

Why do cats roll in dirt?

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There&#8217s no a single-explanation-fits-all answer to this problem. Instead, cats may possibly roll in the dirt for various explanations. Think about your cat&#8217s wellbeing, hygiene patterns, normal actions, and latest environmental elements that might be in play when pinpointing why your cat took a dust bath.

Your cat is territorial

In addition to a determination to hygiene, cats are also identified for being territorial. Cats have scent glands in their paws, encounter, and tail. They release pheromones onto an region, like the grime. This hormone release lets other animals know the room belongs to the cat. In other text, predators and other kitties should really back off.

This trait isn&#8217t a cat&#8217s way of staying imply or selfish. Alternatively, a feline&#8217s territorial mother nature is protective, specially if they live outside the house total-time or part-time (indoor cats can also be territorial of litter containers, foods dishes, and most loved perches).


If your cat has an itch it can&#8217t scratch, it may well roll all around. If grime takes place to be there, so be it. Desperate occasions phone for determined actions. At times, this itchiness can consequence from fleas and mites, so inspect your kitty&#8217s fur.

Cooling off

Sunbathing can be a cat&#8217s preferred pastime having said that, at times, all that &#8220splashing&#8221 in solar puddles can depart a cat emotion instead scorching, specially if you are living in a warmer local weather or are dealing with a warmth wave. Dust bathing can aid a cat awesome down by decreasing their overall body temperature mainly because the leading layer of soil is often cooler than other regions of the floor.

Digestive overall health issues

Dust bathing may well assist kitties digest their meals far better. Adhere with us. Cats use microbes to digest food (like probiotics). When a cat rolls in dust, they decide up bacteria. Then, they clear by themselves off and consume that microorganisms-laden filth in the procedure. The germs adds to a feline&#8217s gut flora, making certain your kitty stays typical and balanced.


Females in heat may perhaps roll close to in the filth to attract a mate. When a soiled kitty may perhaps not feel desirable to you, dust baths are seemingly component of the artwork of seduction in the feline environment. Don’t forget, cats can only go into heat if they aren&#8217t spayed.


Like playful toddlers, some cats take into consideration rolling in the grime a blast. Sure, kitties are generally regarded for getting very hygienic, but cats are diverse. Some cats really like digging and rolling in the mud, specially if they see enjoyment normal toys like sticks and leaves.

They truly feel secure

Rolling in the grime requires exposing their bellies, a little something quite a few cats are terrified of. If a cat is relaxed adequate to choose a dust tub and twist into stomach-up positions, it may really feel protected and safe. Take into account it a compliment.

They went catnip outrageous

Rolling around is a frequent conduct right after consuming a ton of catnip. Your kitty may possibly have gotten into your stash. Catnip can also be grown, so your cat may possibly have nibbled on the neighbor&#8217s (and yours). Cats rolling in the dirt after consuming catnip may perhaps do so for about 10 minutes ahead of staring into room.

Attention-seeking behavior

Your kitty may perhaps be rolling in the filth as a way to catch your eye. When cats have an frequently unfair reputation for getting antisocial, a lot of felines get pleasure from at least some focus and human interaction. A dust bathtub is an fantastic way to get you to do a double-choose.

Masking their scent

Your kitty could be trying to go incognito. A cat may perhaps roll in the dust to cop a diverse odor and shield by themselves from possible predators. Alternatively, they may well be hoping to rid them selves of a scent on their fur they don&#8217t like.

How to get your cat to prevent rolling in the dirt

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You know why your cat is rolling in the dust, but you may still want to stop the behavior. How? Yet again, the resolution depends on the purpose, but some prevalent means to get your cat to ditch the dust baths contain:

  • Spaying female cats
  • Using your cat to the vet to test for fundamental problems or fleas
  • Limiting baths to the moment for every month or each other thirty day period to permit microbes to remain on the fur
  • Transferring your cat indoors complete-time
  • Laying off the catnip
  • Offering your cat toys and awareness

Closing ideas

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Cats are usually incredibly clean up, so you could be surprised to see your pet rolling in the dust. There are a lot of causes a cat could screen this conduct. From time to time, cats do so for the reason that they experience safe and sound or playful. Other instances, a dust bathtub could sign you require to reduce down on the quantity of situations you bathe your kitty for each thirty day period. Speaking with your pet&#8217s vet can aid you rule out underlying issues. The vet can also share assistance on how to prevent your cat from rolling in the grime.