America’s most popular pets personified in AI art

Veterinary professionals are witness to how clients adore their pets, and which pets have emerged to be popular addition in the household. Regardless if those pets are four-, two-legged, or no legs, they equally make for awesome companions.

In honor of National Pet Month, Adobe Firefly, a web application offering AI tools and services, surveyed 600 pet owners about their favorite pets and the animals they share their homes with. Unsurprisingly, dogs and cats topped the poll, but fish, birds, and snakes also made the list.

Top 10 most popular pets:

  1. Dog
  2. Cat
  3. Fish
  4. Bird
  5. Hamster
  6. Guinea pig
  7. Snake
  8. Lizard
  9. Chicken
  10. Sheep

While the list rounds up the most popular across the country, the survey also  yielded insights on the regional differences in pet ownership:

Northeast: Dogs are the most popular pet owned by 44 percent of households. Cats come in second at 34 percent. The colder climate makes dogs well-suited for activities like sledding and snowshoeing.

West Coast: Cats are most popular at 39 percent of households. Dogs follow closely behind at 37 percent. The mild climate enables lots of outdoor activities to enjoy with pets.

South: Dogs lead at 44 percent of households. Cats follow at 30 percent. The culture of hunting and farming makes dogs a practical choice here. Hot summers may deter some from owning furrier pets.

Midwest: Dogs lead at 40 percent, followed by cats at 34 percent. Long, cold winters encourage indoor pastimes with pets. Big backyards provide space for large or active dogs.

With these results, the Adobe Firefly personified America’s most popular pets using their image AI generator.

For more, visit the Adobe Firefly website.