New resource portal targets expanding access to veterinary care

Providing access to veterinary care is the driving force behind recently launched online portal by the Veterinary Innovation Council (VIC), the nonprofit organization formed by the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) dedicated to advancing the field of veterinary medicine through innovation, education, and advocacy.

The online platform, Access to Care Resource Hub, offers an array of information and practical solutions for veterinary teams to help expand their reach and impact, such as providing pet owners and clinics with a wider array of financial options and information on various alternative options for procedures and other care that are more affordable or accessible.

“Approximately 17 million pets in underserved communities across the U.S. have never seen a veterinarian,” said Jennifer Welser, DVM, DACVO, president of Arista Advanced Petcare and chair of the VIC Board of Directors. “This is a crisis in many communities where people either cannot afford veterinary care for their pets or lack physical access to veterinary clinics.”

Other key features of the Access to Care Resource Hub include:

  • Financial tools. Veterinary practice members can discover and compare more than 15 financial options and community reviews that will help clients afford necessary care for their pets.
  • Spectrum of care. Updated information from experts on the spectrum of care options.
  • Team guides. Step-by-step guides for veterinary clinics to implement best practices for improving access to care in their practice.
  • Case studies. These provide creative and impactful approaches taken by practices facing similar challenges.
  • Feature content. Access to trusted resources from leading industry partners to stay informed on the latest access to care strategies.

“The program we are announcing today will open the doors to veterinary care to millions of animals nationwide, providing financial and other resources to pet owners so they can help provide the veterinary care they wish for these beloved family members,” says Dr. Welser.

For more information, visit the Access to Care Resource Hub website.