These fluffy dog breeds make the best cuddlers

KoolShooters / Pexels

If you’re a true dog lover, the sight of any pup — big or small — will instantly put a smile on your face. But there’s no denying that something about a fluffy dog sets the cuteness meter through the roof. Maybe it’s their soft fur or the way their mane billows in the breeze, but whatever it is, it’s easy to see why so many people love cuddling up to a real-life teddy bear.

That being said, it’s important to remember that owning a fluffy dog can be a lot of work. Not only will you be taking care of their basic needs, like food, water, and potty breaks, but you’ll also be taking care of regular dog grooming. This could include daily brushing and detangling, but you’ll likely need to visit a groomer every several weeks, too. But that work is so worth it for your four-legged friend.

Check out these adorable fluffy dog breeds if you’re ready to add a whole lot of fluffy puppy love to your home.

Poodle and poodle mix

A brown Standard Poodle sits in the grass
digitalskennedy / Pixabay

This classic fluffy dog breed remains popular today thanks to its hypoallergenic curly hair — not fur — that doesn’t shed. Poodles come in several sizes, from a toy poodle to a standard poodle, though more and more poodle mixes are taking over the designer dog scene. Even so, you don’t need to find a breeder to find one of these pups. You can find hypoallergenic dogs — even poodles and mixes — at animal shelters too!

Despite their delicate, fluffy appearance, poodles are active, athletic, and adventurous. After all, they were bred to be hunting companions on both land and water, so don’t be surprised if you catch your poodle splashing in the puddles or asking for a swim in the pool.

Bernese mountain dog

A Bernese mountain dog stands in the middle of a wooded trail
André Dehne / Unsplash

When some people think of “fluffy dogs,” they often think of small fluffballs like a Maltese and bichon frise. In reality, fluffy dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Just take it from Bernese mountain dog owners. These big dogs can weigh over 115 pounds when fully grown, but a lot of that weight is fur!

“Berners” are known for being extremely friendly and affectionate, though they’re also hard workers when properly motivated. Their massive amount of fluff results in lots – -and we mean lots — of shedding, so you’ll also be hard at work grooming your Berner and vacuuming every day.

Chow chow

Chow chow dog.
Marius-Kristensen / Pixabay

Another large, fluffy breed is the beloved chow chow. While they may look like big teddy bears, these vigilant protectors are better suited as guard dogs than cuddle companions. Every individual dog is different, of course, but there’s no doubt that chow chows will see every visitor and passerby before you do. It may help to give your chow a job around the home or even some extra physical exercise. These bright and dignified dogs will look royal no matter where they are or what they’re doing — even when they’re being brushed!


Cute little puppy, Pomeranian Spitz dog with pumpkins and zucchini. Autumn vegetable harvesting.
Евгений Шемякин / Adobe Stock

The Pomeranian — or Pom — is a beloved little dog breed known for its affectionate, spunky personality. These fluffballs weigh less than 10 pounds when fully grown, but they contain all the love, energy, and noise of a big dog in a tiny package.

They will alert to strangers and other dogs just like the watchdogs they are, but they will also be content to settle down in their favorite person’s lap. This breed has even been called the “ideal companion,” but it’s up to you to decide whether they’re the right companion for your home.


A Newfoundland dog sits in a field of yellow flowers
Pandas / Shutterstock

The Newfoundland dog breed is the definition of a “gentle giant.” These dogs were often in charge of watching and playing with children, though they’re equally happy helping on the farm or relaxing on the couch. Newfies’ sweet personality is the breed’s most important characteristic, however, so you’re sure to meet a friendly, fluffy dog no matter their energy level.

Rough collie

A rough Collie stands outdoors
Joyce McCombs / Pixabay

If you’re familiar with the beloved Lassie, you’re familiar with just how fluffy rough collies can be. While smooth collies have a sleeker look, both versions of this breed need regular grooming to keep their thick undercoat under control.

Their rough-coated cousins also need daily brushing to avoid mats and tangles in addition to their once-a-year brushing. These herding dogs need exercise, mental stimulation, and companionship, making them a well-rounded breed.

Bichon frise

A Bichon Frise stands in the grass around green apples
Joyce McCombs / Pixabay

The French bichon frise is one of the few small, fluffy, white dog breeds that folks often confuse for one another. This breed’s defining factor is their extra curly coat and comedic personality, though they’re also beloved for their ultra-affectionate demeanor. They’re the best lap dogs! These dogs require daily brushing to avoid tangles, though their small size helps these grooming sessions go by quickly.

Alaskan malamute

someone brushes the fur of an Alaskan Malamute
lalalululala / Adobe Stock

Many people can’t tell the Alaskan malamute apart from its cousin, the Siberian husky, but the key difference is the fluff! Though both breeds are built for sledding, Alaskan malamutes are larger, heavier, and fluffier, too. The other detail? They tend not to be escape artists like huskies. Mals are big dogs, but their calmer, regal demeanor may make them better suited for some homes and for cuddles.


Two Pekingese dogs sit in the grass
No-longer-here / Pixabay

You can’t talk about fluff without talking about the Pekingese. This “mop dog” is a crowd favorite at every dog show, though it’s not common to see one out and about in the world. Pekingese dogs require extremely consistent brushing and grooming to maintain their body-length fur, but their adorable look is totally worth it.

These are companion dogs through and through, so you may find that your Pekingese is more like a Velcro dog than anything. But their charming, loving personalities will keep you smiling every day!

These are some of the fluffiest dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, though every individual dog’s fluff can vary from their breed standard. If any of these breeds seem like a good fit for your home, you should research the breed to learn even more. Dealing with fluff is only one detail of dog ownership, after all, but the cuddles are the best part.